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Shawn van Andel

Born and raised in Port Perry, Shawn grew up on the construction site, spending Saturdays and holidays there, learning from the ground up. As he got older, he spent summers working for various sub-trades, in order to get a feel for other aspects of building a home. He graduated from Queens University with a degree in Engineering, and worked for another building company for a time. He joined Andelwood Homes in 2007 and currently takes care of the day-to-day operation of the business.


Bas van Andel

Born in Holland, Bas came to Canada in 1972 with no money and a plan to stay for only a year. After a few odd jobs including some in construction, he started with Bell Drafting in Whitby. Before long he was designing homes there, and after just a couple years he went on his own. Desiring to put the theory into practice, he soon began to build the homes he was designing. Now many years later, hundreds of houses in the Durham Region bear his signature and testify to the quality reputation he has built.

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